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Type: Dissertação
Title: Técnicas de análise de métodos pedagógicos: um estudo comparativo
Author(s): Gonçalves, Guilherme 
First Advisor: Prado, Hércules Antonio do
First co-advisor: Ferneda, Edilson
Summary: ***
Abstract: The specialized literature reports few research on the application of "Theory of Interactions" (Moore, 1989), on adaptation of social dimensions to attributes to be extracted from an VLE database, for later analysis of pedagogical methods. Therefore, it was decided to make an analytical and inferential study that evaluates all dynamics of the process, resulting in a higher scientific value, with the purpose of making a comparative analysis between two groups of students in an DE class (being applied gamification in one of the two groups), through a bibliographical and field research, using a database system (SGDB) for the collection of information, in a period of one year, for statistical calculations, using the attributes adapted from the social dimensions. The sample consisted of 87 individuals, 38 of the control group and 49 of the work group. In the present research it has been found that the average age of the students was 35 years and that the number of men and women for the two groups was equivalent. With the U-mann Whitney test, we confirm that the samples are homogeneous. In relation to the total number of accesses to VLE, in the group where gamification was applied, the students were more motivated. As for student-student interaction, there was an increase in the search for a better understanding of the rules of the game. The increase of the postings and answers in the forums occurred due to the greater need for teacher intervention. As for the increase of interactions in the three dimensions, it can be explained by the playful nature of the pedagogical method of gamification. Thus, through analysis of statistical significance, it was confirmed that the application of gamification influenced the difference between groups. Nevertheless, the bibliographical research and the comparative study of the behavior of the samples, this work did not have the purpose of instrumentalizing the researcher to present a diagnosis about pedagogical methods.
Keywords: Gamification
Distance education
Theory of Interactions
Virtual learning environments
Ambiente Virtual de Aprendizagem - AVA
Teoria das Interações
Educação a distância
Language: por
Parents: Brasil
Publisher: Universidade Católica de Brasília
Institution Abbreviation: UCB
Department: Escola de Educação, Tecnologia e Comunicação
Program: Programa Stricto Sensu em Gestão do Conhecimento e da Tecnologia da Informação
Citation: GONÇALVES, Guilherme. Técnicas de análise de métodos pedagógicos: um estudo comparativo. 2017. 51 f. Dissertação (Programa Stricto Sensu em Gestão do Conhecimento e da Tecnologia da Informação) - Universidade Católica de Brasília, Brasília, 2017.
Access Type: Acesso Aberto
URI: https://bdtd.ucb.br:8443/jspui/handle/tede/2617
Document date: 31-Aug-2017
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